Obstetric What?!

Sorry, you are currently playing a bit of catch up as am I in regards to what is happening in the present day, but I believe you need to know about my pregnancy and since my son is now near on 5 month old I have a bit of catching up to do! Don’t worry – I will introduce you to him eventually!

When I was around 36 weeks pregnant I was an itching mess. My hands, my feet, my head – constantly itching. Erlier in my pregnancy at about 30 weeks pregnant I had been sent for a blood test. If it wasn’t for the fact that I am a complete google freak I wouldn’t have even known what they were giving me a blood test for – however, on the first round of blood tests I had – nothing was out of the ordinary and really I was living with the itching. By 36 weeks it was driving me mad!

Im not one of those hypocondriacts that goes and visits the doctors whenever I have a sniffle – heck.. I hate the doctors – I also hate hospitals! I also believe in not wasting the medical profffessionals time – but this itchin was driving me crazy – so I thought I had better get it checked out. Honestly – at the time I wish I hadn’t of bothered because becoming a mum became real CRAZY fast.

My second round of blood tests for the itching came back and I was disturbed from by beauty sleep late one night to be told I needed to go to the hospital first thing the next morning – turns out my bile acids had increased and it was confirmed that I had Obstetric Cholestasis. The next one week and 4 days after that went by in a blur of hospital appointments and making sure everything was checked off at work as on Friday the 13th of October (thank god he didn’t arrive on the devils day!) I was to be induced. I was in and out of hospital to make sure A) My son was ok and B) I was ok. But I was not able to go to 40 weeks pregnant and my son needed to be delivered before 38 week as there was a high chance he could poo inside me (Yukkk) and make us both very poorly!

Yo ucan read more about OC here: https://www.babycentre.co.uk/a552042/obstetric-cholestasis-intrahepatic-cholestasis-of-pregnancy

Have you experienced OC before? What was your experience?


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