About Me


During the morning of the 5th of March at around 12:30AM, I couldn’t sleep and it resulted in the idea of this here blog! Idea’s about this blog continued to whiz around my head until 4:30AM safe to say I was extremely tired for work the next day!

Anyhow, lets get to it – My name is Rachael McCartney I am currently 26 years old (fair to say that one day this number will be taken off. Maybe around 30 eh). I am working full time as an IT Manager and currently a first time Mum to a beautiful little boy whom was born on the 14th of October, 2017 weighing a huge 8lbs 14oz.

Blogging is something I have always wanted to get into – however, I just never knew what I could write about – nor could I pin it to just one main focus – believe it or not I still can’t, hence the name of the blog – “Working Mum”. The title says it all, this blog will be based on my experiences as a mum who works and my working experience. The two will be seperated via menu’s so if your not into all the techical details you can skip straight to the parenting or if you don’t want to read about my exciting life with my little boy you can skip right to the technical side however, for me I will be going between the two and I promise to do my best to not mix the two together.