I became a first time mum to a wonderful little boy called Cruz (No not because I want to keep up with the Beckhams – Heck No!! I wanted him to be totally unique and be the only one at school with the name Cruz!) he weighed a whooping 8lbs 14oz and was delivered at 08:19AM on the morning of Saturday the 14th of October, 2017. At the time of writing this here page he is 20 weeks and 2 days old!

He has a rather long name – Cruz Robert Stuart McCartney-Bidwell – mouthful right? Well theres a story to go with that. His first name Cruz – well as I’ve already said – I wanted him to be unique – in his own right and including his name. I didn’t want him to be amoung 1 of 10 Bradley’s or Ryan’s – I want and hope he will be just 1 Cruz once he goes to school (which I hope he doesn’t grow that quick).

Robert, is my dad’s name and Stuart is my partners dad’s name. I also have two middle names however, I won’t put them out on the internet because I cannot stad one of them by one is Mary. I had both my Nan-Nan’s names within my middle name and it was that which gaveme the idea to give Cruz both his Grandad’s names.

McCartney-Bidwell, the double barrell surname. This is mine and my partners surnames combined obviously. Anyhow, the story behind this is my dad always wanted a son to carry on the McCartney name, unfortunanly he ended up with me instead 😉 however, I was once asked to keep McCartney in my name – hence my son has a double barrelled surname and he has a happy grandad whom finally has a grandson.