Well – it’s the name of the blog isn’t it. Working Mum. I am currently an IT Manager at a one stop shop for anyone’s logistical needs – Courier Logistics. I have been an employee at this company since the year 2010 where I started as an apprentice in Customer Service. To be honest – it was the best decision I ever made instead of going to university and putting my self in thousands of pounds worth of debt before I have even started my employed life.

Without sounding too big-headed it was quickly recognised that I was what I like to call a sponge. I picked up processes extremely quickly and within a short space of time. I always carried out my work to the best of my ability and as accurately as possible. However, my time in the Customer Service department was short lived – my passion at that time was for IT – I had known how to use a computer since the age of six, much to my Dad’s annoyance.

In 2016 after a few years of training I was made the IT Manager. I had come far in my six years at Courier Logistics – completed Level 3 and Level 4 Customer Service Advisor Apprenticeship – A foundation degree in Internet and Business Technologies – IT Support Supervisor – IT Manager and now a Level 5 in Management is currently underway. My career was everything – I wanted to grow as much as I could and be the best I could be, I still do. In October 2017, I had to learn how to juggle family life and work life and maybe I will be judged but I am happy with my reasoning as to why I work with such a young baby at home which over time I hope you as my audience will come to understand.